The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

The Role of an Association Manager: Key Responsibilities and Skills

Imagine working a full-time job and meeting frantic deadlines, raising a family and maintaining a household, plus volunteering for your HOA. There aren't enough hours in the day! If your HOA board is trying to function alone, your community might struggle.

Instead of maintaining pristine streets and planning fun community activities, volunteers could feel rushed to do the bare minimum. With help from a professional association manager, you can become more organized. Their support can help your community reach its full potential!

Not sure if you need to hire a manager? Read on to discover the responsibilities your HOA manager can handle and the skills they'll bring to the table!

Key Responsibilities

While 73.9 million Americans live in homeowners associations, the best HOAs don't thrive alone. Hiring a property management company can ensure efficiency and organization. They can take some of the weight off your HOA's volunteers.

Here are a few key responsibilities you can trust your HOA manager to handle on your behalf.

Implementing Policies

Implementing new community policies will help your HOA maintain order. However, someone needs to enforce those policies to ensure fairness among community members. Your HOA board members might feel uncomfortable enforcing these policies on friends and neighbors.

Your HOA manager will handle this task for you. They'll enforce new policies and take action when necessary.

Enforcing these rules can help the community avoid noise complaints, property damage, and unforeseen expenses.


If a member of your HOA board lacks financial experience, hire a property management company. They can handle:

Your HOA manager will even help you keep track of new financial laws that may affect your community.

Property Maintenance

Allowing your HOA manager to handle maintenance requests will ensure your community is in the best possible shape. They'll repair, replace, and enhance common areas, including:

  • Swimming pools
  • Elevators
  • Streets
  • Roofs

Your property management company can help you meet new environmental standards or implement new energy-saving features. These updates will boost the value of your community. In fact, the value of homes in community associations is nearly $11 trillion.

HOA properties that rely on professional services from a property management company can exceed that value. A beautiful, well-maintained community is more likely to attract future residents. They'll want to live in a stunning neighborhood like yours!

Manager Skills

Before hiring an HOA manager, gauge their experience and skill set. The best HOA manager will have:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • A desire to learn
  • Great communication skills
  • Extensive HOA knowledge
  • Patience

They should also have a deep understanding of your community. They'll take your community's unique needs into account to help you streamline daily operations. Their tenant relations strategy will help you retain tenants long-term.

Hire an Association Manager Today

Your HOA board doesn't have to struggle alone. Instead, hire an association manager. With their experience, you can maintain a beautiful community without stress.

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